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Historic Prints of Explorers Images for you in the Category of ...

Buy giclee prints of these pictures of Famous Explorers from the Illustrated London News Picture Library as premium posters, canvas prints and framed prints. Art gallery quality and fast worldwide dispatch are guaranteed.

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 The marriage of Mr B C Beauchamp and Lady Evelyn Herbert, took place at St Margarets, Westminster on 8th October 1923; art print from 
 Marriage of Mr Beauchamp and Lady Herbert 
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 The Earl of Carnarvon initiator of the explorations in the Valley of the Kings and who sponsored Howard Carter's excavations of the royal tombs in Thebes; he died shortly after the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb in 1923; art print from 
 The Earl of Carnarvon 
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 Lady Evelyn Herbert, the only daughter of the Earl of Carnarvon and the first woman to see the interior of the tomb of Tutankhamen; art print from 
 Lady Evelyn Herbert 
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 Dr Schliemann, explorer of Troy and Mycenae, arrived in London in 1877 to give a lecture to the Society of Antiquaries to increase awareness of his explorations into the traditions of ancient Greece; art print from 
 Dr Schliemann 
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 An old engraving of Sir Martin Frobisher (c.1535-1594); art print from 
 Sir Martin Frobisher c1535-1594 
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 An old engraving of Sir Francis Drake, Elizabethan explorer and seafarer; art print from 
 Sir Francis Drake 1542-1596 
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 Historic engraving of Dr. David Livingstone, the Scottish missionary and explorer; art print from 
 Dr David Livingstone 1813-1873 
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 An old engraving showing Captain John Hanning Speke, the English explorer, pictured in 1863: between 1860 and 1863 Speke and James Augustus Grant led an expedition to find the source of the Nile at the Victoria Nyanza; art print from 
 John Hanning Speke 1827-1864 
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 An old engraving of James Augustus Grant (1827-1892); art print from 
 James Augustus Grant 1827-1892 
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 An old photograph of Tippoo Tib, (real name Hamid ibn Mohammed) then Chief of the Manyema, c 1887; art print from 
 Tippoo Tib 1837-1905 
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 An old engraving of Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890); art print from 
 Sir Richard Francis Burton 1821-1890 
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 Sir Samuel White Baker, the English explorer, pictured in c.1876: Baker undertook exploration of Central Africa, in search of the source of the Nile River, in the early 1860 s; art print from 
 Sir Samuel Baker 1821-1893 
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Displaying 1 to 12 (of 46 images) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  [Next >>] 
David Wright
0 items
01.James Augustus Grant 1827-1892
02.Robert E Peary and Ernest Shackleton New York
03.Robert E Peary on the Roosevelt
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