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Home » Prints of Exploration » Prints of Africa
African Exploration & Discovery Images for you in the Category of ...

Buy these historic scenes of Exploration and Discovery in Africa from Illustrated London News Picture Library as superb giclee posters, canvas prints and framed prints. Gallery quality art prints and fast worldwide dispatch guaranteed.

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 Discoveries of mummies and sepulchral relics in Deir-El-Bahari; art print from 
 Deir-El-Bahari Excavations Near Thebes 
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 Tombs discovered in Sakkara, 1853 - the great gallery: candles were used to light the chambers to enable viewing of the interior; art print from 
 Great Gallery Tombs Discovered in Sakkara 
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 The great tomb of Queen Her-net, discovered by Professor Emerys at North Sakkara; art print from 
 Queen Her-Net's Tomb 
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 An exquisite design composed of a tissue bandeau with a rope of pearls framing the face: the luxurious use of jewels reflect the treasures found in Tutankhamen's tomb; art print from 
 Tutankhamen Inspired Head Dresses 
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 Statue of Tutankhamen on guard at his sepulchre for 3000 years. One of the life size statues standing either side of a sealed which was left sealed until Lord Carnarvon arrived to open it; art print from 
 Statue of Tutankhamen 
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 Mr De Morgan lifting a golden crown from the mummy of Queen Khnemit; De Morgan discovered many important tombs during 1894-1895; art print from 
 Mr De Morgan at Dahshur 
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 Cleopatra's Needle was originally erected by Pharaoh Thothmes II around 1500 B.C then moved to Alexandria, Cleopatra's city; art print from 
 Cleopatra's Needle Alexandria 
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 An illustration of Johann van Riebeek landing at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652, from the Illustrated London News, 8th 1927; art print from 
 Van Riebeek Landing at Cape of Good Hope 1652 
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 An aerial photograph of gold mines in Johannesburg: The photograph was taken by Captain Spelterini on one of his balloon ascents; art print from 
 Gold Mining at Johannesburg 
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 Ladies visiting the Transvaal gold mines in South Africa showing a cage to transport workers down to the mines; art print from 
 Ladies Visiting the Transvaal Gold Mines 
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 Crossing the Wilge river, the quickest method of transport to the gold fields of Transvaal; art print from 
 Transport to the Transvaal Gold Mines 
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 The Transvaal gold fields, South Africa, showing diggers at work; art print from 
 Diggers at Work in Transvaal Gold Fields 
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Displaying 1 to 12 (of 58 images) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  [Next >>] 
David Wright
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01.Diggers at Work in Transvaal Gold Fields
02.Emin Pasha and Mr Jephson Entering Dufile
03.Stanley's Expedition Crossing Swamp Central Africa
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